WWDC 2006

August 7th, 2006 by Adam

WWDC Line for Keynote

I just completed my first day at the Apple WWDC conference in San Francisco.

Line for Steve Jobs keynote

What strikes me, is the attention to detail that isĀ evident in everything Apple does. Not just the industrial design of the new Mac Pro, but the presentation graphics, the stage, the signs, even the juice refrigerators.

To give a few examples, the sound system in the main presentation room is one of the best that I have ever heard (and this isn’t a music event). Also, the sound and video engineers are hidden behind black cloth booths at the back of the room instead of being in the middle of the room (and elevated instead of eye level) which makes them almost invisible. Little things like the transition from demo machines to slides is always on cue and have a nice cross fade effect instead of just switching. Everything from the badges to the “session changed” posters to the slides has perfectly matching graphic design.

Details, details, details. It is what I love about Apple. It is inspiring.

2 Responses to “WWDC 2006”

  1. Noah Iliinsky (Exbiblio) Says:

    Some time ago I read an interview with a former Apple product manager who’d participated in a keynote once. He discussed the effort that goes into getting everything right, rehearsals, redundant machines, etc, etc. Fascinating reflection on their company culture, the effort they go to in order to make it perfect and make it look effortless.

  2. Hugh Says:

    Careful what you blog. Apparently you are in a No Blog Zone.