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August 15th, 2006 by Hugh

I’m very pleased to see that Neville Hobson has picked our blog as one of his top ten cool sites of the moment. Just in case you are wondering, I don’t know Neville personally, but I do drop by his blog frequently and sometimes leave comments (but no bribes).

He’s put us in the company of 9 really cool sites indeed. I’ll pick out three that I think will go down particularly well with Exbiblio people. They chime in with the company’s obsession to create an ultra cool product that will do plenty of good in the world, perhaps best expressed by Claes-Fredrik recently.

Presentation Zen is by a former Apple employee. It’s much more than a design blog, and looks at all things presentational, including stand-ups in front of a conference hall. It fits in with Exbiblio’s mission to leave beauty in its wake. As I’ve mentioned before, Apple is much admired around the office. I recommend this post on the Steve Jobs style at doing Macworld summer presentations. He points you to one you might not have seen recently – the 1997 vintage.

Creating Passionate Users The name speaks for itself. Exbiblio’s hardware / software project is seeking out passionate users. Try reading code like a girl to see if that gets some office debate going.

The Institute for the Future’s Future Now.
You’ll find plenty of wacky inventions here, for example the Synthetic Gecko suit that would help your window cleaner climb up the wall like Spiderman.

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