A Scanner Darkly

August 18th, 2006 by Hugh

Keanu ReevesHere’s a movie that Exbiblio folk should go and see – A Scanner Darkly
– staring an animated Keanu Reeves and told in the style of a “graphic novel” come to life. The critics describe it as “difficult” but that’s never been a word to put Exbiblio people off. The scanner in question sees into the heart and mind. Now there’s a challenge for the scanner pen mark II.

The cross-over technology with which the film was made might be of interest too. The Scotsman reports:

Scanner was shot as a live-action movie and then fed into a computer, whereupon artists digitally traced over some frames by hand, using an electronic pen tablet.

The lines between traditional and digital media are getting more blurred all the time.

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