iPod first reactions

September 27th, 2006 by Adam

Today I came across this archived thread from MacRumors.com. I remember that day back in 2001, I was lurking on this thread… All the Mac geeks (at least the vocal ones) were dissapointed in the iPod. Check it out, it is funny reading it knowing how the iPod actually performed in the market and shaped culture.

One of the things that is facinating about Apple is that they can ignore popular opinion, chart their own course, and end up shaping popular culture. Something to think about as we begin to share early versions of our own products with the public. When should Exbiblio listen to feedback, when should we ignore it, and how do we draw that line?

One Response to “iPod first reactions”

  1. Francisco Soto Says:

    Interesting post about Jonathan Ives, Vicepresident of Industrial Design at Apple, who seems to define valuable feedback depending on the quality of the source.

    “[The design team] rarely attend industry events or awards ceremonies. It’s as though they don’t require outside recognition because there isn’t any higher authority on design excellence than each other…. One of the hallmarks of the team I think is this sense of looking to be wrong. It’s the inquisitiveness, the sense of exploration. It’s about being excited to be wrong because then you’ve discovered something new.”