Home in the Netherlands.

October 31st, 2006 by Hugh

Although it is based in Seattle, Exbiblio is legally a Dutch company. Compendia, the non-for-profit fund associated with Exbiblio, is also based in the Netherlands. This set-up obviously involves some extra complications and expenses, but the founders believe that the values and the social system of the Netherlands are more closely aligned with Exbiblio’s than the those of the USA. I have even heard long term plans for the headquarters and bulk of Exbiblio’s employees to be located in Holland. By the way, although Exbiblio is a start-up, it has a lot of “vision” about how what it’s going to look like when it is a big company.

As it has happens, there has been a big discussion raging on Slashdot along similar lines. If a US citizen wants to go and find a better place to live, should they move to the Netherlands? You will find a variety of views and perspectives on the Dutch immigration and taxation systems.

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