Day Off

November 29th, 2006 by Hugh

Wednesday has been snowed off at Exbiblio. The terrible weather in Seattle has caused traffic mayhem, and people are finding it hard to get into the center. This combined with what I imagine (from London) is not the highest morale right now, has prompted a ‘company holiday’ to be declared.

I don’t know what plans there are for Friday, but with such a mass exodus of staff this week, I imagine that everyone will get into work, come what may, because surely there will be quite a party.

One Response to “Day Off”

  1. Claes-Fredrik Mannby Says:

    I documented my commute home on Monday here:

    Apparently, the local bus system followed their own weather report, which called for rain, while all other sources, such as the local news and told us it was going to snow pretty much everywhere. So, chaos followed….

    Tuesday morning, I spent close to an hour waiting for a 545 to show up, and none did, but luckily a 268 did show up, which works as well for me.

    As to morale, we’re obviously all disappointed, but I think there is also a lot of hope that we’ll still be able to pull this thing off, with better husbanded resources. Since I’ll be staying on with Exbiblio, I don’t want to speak for us as a group, though. I think that would be inconsiderate.

    But, I would like to say that we did have a very encouraging Wednesday lunch last week, where it was clear that the spirit behind Exbiblio is going strong, and most, and probably all of us, love what Exbiblio is about, and I’m personally hopeful that Exbiblio has already sown and encouraged seeds of great future ventures by bringing such a wonderful group of people together and getting them talking about and working toward changing the world for the better.

    I’ll plug one such venture here: