The Future of books…

December 8th, 2006 by Hugh

Here’s a small anecdote from the world of book publishing that I hope wll give encouragement to Exbiblio.

Earlier this week, I attended an event in London held by Puffin, the children’s book publisher, owned by Penguin. I was chatting to one of their senior managers who told me that when her seven-year-old son finished reading a book, he always went straight to his computer to see if there was any web-related material. She admitted that publishing companies were not always the first to embrace new technology, but in the case of children’s books, they had to be at the forefront, because that was what the audience expected. Exbiblio currently sees college students as a key market for its technology to link the paper world to digital… perhaps that even that group is too old? Anyway, I take this as a sign that the world is changing, and it’s changing in the right direction for Exbiblio.

2 Responses to “The Future of books…”

  1. Carol Says:

    I so agree! When I interviewed at Exbiblio a few months ago, we talked about the younger kids and what their status as “digital natives” means to a company like Exbiblio. The word “multimedia” seems trite and silly to them — a real “DUH,” because *everything* in their world is connected and multi-media-ized! They just naturally look for different facets of a pice of media, much like I’ll head to the web for more after seeing a great movie, but more instinctively and more intuitively.

    I see Exbiblio technology as a seamless integration into education and the classroom — even a second grade classroom — in the near future!


  2. sindy Says:

    Yes.Paper book will be less and expensive in the future.But Paper still is very important for the life and business.I think so.