March 16th, 2007 by Editor

by Lauren Summers

As some readers know, just before Thanksgiving, Exbiblio was forced to take a step back and re-assess the project and plan for the company. To avoid crashing and burning financially, a number of great employees had to be let go and it was a hard time both for those leaving and the few staying. Uncertainty permeated the office, but there remained a belief in the product and hopefulness for its success.

Since the project was able to continue, a few key hires have joined Exbiblio.

Ruth Hoffman joined the office in the fall as a personal assistant to Martin King, but quickly became involved with Exbiblio’s first night of introductions to The Snow Leopard Trust. Since then, she has become an integral part of event planning, cataloguing and running the library, decorating, organizing and purchasing for the office, and is a great conversationalist on everything from movies to art, travel to suggested reading. Ruth has a BS in Sociology and a Masters of Intercultural Management, and has traveled the world working with development organizations including The Peace Corps and Grameen Foundation. She spends most of her time in Seattle, but loves vacations at her home in Vermont.

Mathew Chasan was hired as a software engineer at the beginning of February. He joins Exbiblio most recently from a SCUBA Diva Master and Instructor Training expedition in Honduras. Mathew received his Computer Engineering degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Washington and gained software and firmware engineering experience here in the Northwest. His extremely upbeat attitude, knowledge of music and daily new suggestions for improving Exbiblio have been a very welcome addition.

Demi Raven came to Exbiblio shortly after Mathew, who introduced Demi to our project. In addition to his UW degree in Computer Science, Demi also majored in fine arts in Colorado and is a visual artist, recently exhibiting at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and most currently was showing at the Pacini Lubel Gallery here in Pioneer Square. Demi brings a zen-like quality to Exbiblio with his mild manner and seemingly perpetual patience. He and Mathew also spent a weekend making their shared office the most inviting environment in which one could spend a workday.

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