Vintage Quentin

August 16th, 2006 by Hugh

Exbiblio’s other founder, – I say “other” because he is based in England and often less visible around Exbiblio than Martin – is Quentin Stafford-Fraser. I was nosing around his website when I came across this rather interesting piece of footage which dates from 1995 and grew out of his Ph.D. You will see it is all about training a video camera on a white board – or on a piece of paper for that matter – and writing commands which tell a computer what to do – print, for instance. It intrigues me, partly because of its nostalgic vintage feel, but also because I think you can detect a strand of the Exbiblio thinking here. The linking of the digital world to the printed or written world is a theme which continues to this day.

You may need the Quicktime plugin to watch the video.

One Response to “Vintage Quentin”

  1. john r. durand Says:

    this is a fascinating video because it demonstrates many concepts of which i only beacme aware in may. attending my 25th high school reunion this past may, i was able to sit it on several classes. one of them was advanced algebra, and the teacher used a combination whiteboard, video camera, and pc that included many of the features described by Quentin. see for more information on the ‘smartboard’. apparently my high school has two classrooms with the technology and students are extremly comfortable with it. best of all, all material written on the smartboard is made available to students online immediately after class.