More startup killers

October 17th, 2006 by Hugh

Here’s another list of start-up mistakes that bloggers are pointing towards. I’m not saying that these are directly applicable to Exbiblio, but some of them just make good food for thought.

Don’t get too attached to your original plan, because it’s probably wrong.

Exbiblio is aware of the sin of obstinacy, and has left quite a few key decisions until very late in the day, to allow for discovery of what users really want.

Having no specific user in mind is listed as another start-up slayer:

A surprising number of founders seem willing to assume that someone, they’re not sure exactly who, will want what they’re building.

And here is some advice which I think Exbiblio should take pretty seriously, given that it doesn’t have much of a marketing budget:

If you’re going to attract users, you’ll probably have to get up from your computer and go find some.

Perhaps one day somebody will write up the ten things that start-ups get right.

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