Should we talk about ethics?

July 26th, 2006 by Hugh

This is a little out-of-date, but very pertinent to a company like Exbiblio that puts values at the top of its agenda. In May, the IABC Research Foundation published a report saying that less than half of companies encouraged staff to discuss ethical dilemmas.

I wonder, have there been any interesting dilemmas at Exbiblio? How were they resolved?

(Link via Neville Hobson who has also been writing about Exbiblio here.)

Common Values and Recruitment

July 24th, 2006 by Hugh

Values are very important at Exbiblio. The website as it currently stands ranks them as the second tab after “home,” coming before what the company makes or does. The aim of recruitment at the company is to collect together a set of people with values that match Exbiblio’s values.

I’m told that job interviews begin with the question, “Tell me, what is the appropriate response when a pan-handler (a “beggar” in UK speak) asks you for money in the street?” Apparently, there is no single correct answer.

It’s also important that people coming to Exbiblio understand the implications of getting involved in a start-up and that it means a seamless integration between work and personal life. The theory runs that if people make the distinction between work life and personal life, then there is something very wrong going on.

It’s not an aggressive interview by any means. The approach is that Exbiblio is applying to be the employer, but Martin, the founder, admits that he is looking first and foremost for people he would enjoy working with. The conclusion that I draw from this is that the “personal” element is unavoidable in business as elsewhere in life.