Mitch Kapor’s New Startup

August 1st, 2006 by Hugh

Mitch Kapor , who gave the world Lotus Notes, has announced on his blog that he is incubating a new startup. His description is suitably vague for an early stage project.

We’re working on innovation at the intersection of search and social production. Think of new services which are a cross between Google and the Wikipedia. So far it’s just been myself and my co-founder, Todd Agulnick. We have built an incredibly nifty proof-of-concept system built around tens of millions of bookmarks.

Search and social (or collaborative) production are of course the hottest areas on the Internet. It goes without saying that Google has shown that Search has enormous utility and the ability to drive contextual advertising. Social production is exemplified by services such as Flickr, and Writely. The first two were bought by Yahoo, and the last one by Google. From what I’ve seen of Exbiblio, it too will be operating in these key areas.

Update: Kapor’s project is called Foxmarks. It synchronises bookmarks across different computers and there’s a wiki about it here.